Great Products That Stink

I am a simple girl with simple tastes. I like products that make my skin look plump and firm. I also like my products to smell like an English garden in May (June is too hot and April is too rainy). I flip for rose, jasmine, and citrus-scented products, and can even get down with a vaguely-medicinal scent. I’ve posted before about how much I love the full, round, smell of grape jelly, and a lot of my favorite products are honey-based (Shara Shara Honeybomb and Shea Moisture Mankura Honey and Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Mask).

Obviously, smell isn’t the be all and end all of product successes, but it is important. I’ve recently found some products that do wonders for my skin, but are consistently pushed to the back of my beauty shelf. Continue reading

Question Time!

Skin Type: Combination skin

Climate: Philly area

Main Skin Concern: Subborn acne


Hello! I have combination skin that used to be mostly oily when I was younger. I rarely if ever had any acne until I started psychiatric medicine. Now I get it mostly around the T Zone and especially around my mouth. Nothing makes it go away, and it’s not too too terrible. Also, it’s not that noticeable to others (I think) but the problem is I have very pale skin so even if it’s not aggravated anymore the coloring remains. So I guess my question is two-fold: 1. What skin care regime would you recommend so I can be proactive and can make the recurring acne go away? (Preferably something I can get at Ulta, Target, Amazon, or a nearby drugstore) 2. What makeup foundation and concealer would you recommend using so my skin tone looks more even? I usually just use Cover Girl. Thanks! Continue reading

Current Skincare Regimen

Generally, my skincare concerns are pretty simple. I want to:

  1. Stay looking as young as possible for as little effort as possible (bathing in the blood of virgins is wayyyy too much of a commitment)
  2. Look less exhausted
  3. Brighten and even my skintone
  4. Reduce the appearance of the pores around my nose and mouth

My skincare regimen is also very much tailored to the relative cuteness of a product.

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