Review: Mamonde Peach Blossom Shiny Hydrating Mask

I love Mamonde. I love it so much. I love that the whole line is based around flowers, which I love. I love the packaging. Cue a million heart-shaped emojis.

The only problem is that I hadn’t actually tried any Mamonde products until this mask. I’m a sucker for capitalism sometimes…

Anyway, I was getting ready for a job interview and was already using the Shea Moisture Intensive Repair Mask I talk so much about, so I decided to give the Peach Blossom Shiny Hydrating Mask a whirl. Continue reading

Review: Innissfree Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack a.k.a. Greatest Mask Ever

You guys. This smells like grape soda. And it’s gelatinous. And it makes my skin feel like a really dense, low-pile, matte velvet. And did I mention it smells amazing? Wine Jelly all the way!

I’m only like an eighth of my way through the tub and I’m seriously considering ordering enough tubs of it on Amazon to qualify for one-day Prime shipping and bathing in this stuff/making a jiggly mold of my corporeal form.  Continue reading

Review: Dr. Jart+ Brightening Infusion Hydrogel Mask

Before the Brightening Infusion Hydrogel Mask

Looks about right?

One of the biggest problems I have with trying to write about beauty is that I have only had 3 good pictures taken of me since hitting puberty. I am reasonably ok with what I see in the mirror, but as soon as I try to document it on my phone, I turn into Billy Crystal in The Princess Bride.

My poor, long-suffering, fiance has been roped into taking pictures of me so many times, only to see me delete all of them in a fit of frustration. Hopefully, this will serve as a sufficient explanation for why my reviews lack photographic proof of me wearing products. Continue reading