Bridal Shower & Hair and Makeup Test

As I’ve previously written, I am getting married this June. Apparently, part of the wedding process is having a bridal shower. My shower was held this past Saturday in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. My best friend organized the whole thing and it was wonderful. It also gave me a chance to get used to the essential part of weddings that I’ve been most dreading: being the center of attention.

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Glossier Pop-Up Shop

Saturday was a pretty big day for me, beauty-wise. I had a Reddit Asian Beauty meet-up and swap at noon and then I had to make some returns at the Birchbox brick & mortar in Soho. While I was chatting with the awesome sales associate, I heard two women behind me mention a Glossier event ending at 6pm. I pulled out my phone and did some twitter investigating and discovered that there was a pop-up shop not half a mile away. Even though it had already been a long day and I missed my dog, I decided to go. Continue reading