Themed Skincare: Jasmine

Like any cool kid, I spent the last Friday night of my spring break curating a jasmine skincare themed routine. Jasmine is one of my favorite scents and I had seen a few reports calling it “Nature’s Valium.” Considering the mess my sleep schedule had been (spring break! Woo! Sleeping until 10am!), I thought this theme would be a nice way to ease myself into the impending 6am wake-ups. Continue reading

Spring Break Haul

My two week long spring break has started and I find myself at ends. Historically, I am very bad at free time. I love working and the idea of relaxation is totally foreign to me. As yesterday was the first day I was home alone with the dog, I decided to go explore the Korean beauty shops about 30 minutes north of my house. I also got to get lunch at Wawa, which was a big plus.  Continue reading