Glossier Pop-Up Shop

Saturday was a pretty big day for me, beauty-wise. I had a Reddit Asian Beauty meet-up and swap at noon and then I had to make some returns at the Birchbox brick & mortar in Soho. While I was chatting with the awesome sales associate, I heard two women behind me mention a Glossier event ending at 6pm. I pulled out my phone and did some twitter investigating and discovered that there was a pop-up shop not half a mile away. Even though it had already been a long day and I missed my dog, I decided to go. Continue reading

Review: Innissfree Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack a.k.a. Greatest Mask Ever

You guys. This smells like grape soda. And it’s gelatinous. And it makes my skin feel like a really dense, low-pile, matte velvet. And did I mention it smells amazing? Wine Jelly all the way!

I’m only like an eighth of my way through the tub and I’m seriously considering ordering enough tubs of it on Amazon to qualify for one-day Prime shipping and bathing in this stuff/making a jiggly mold of my corporeal form.  Continue reading

Current Skincare Regimen

Generally, my skincare concerns are pretty simple. I want to:

  1. Stay looking as young as possible for as little effort as possible (bathing in the blood of virgins is wayyyy too much of a commitment)
  2. Look less exhausted
  3. Brighten and even my skintone
  4. Reduce the appearance of the pores around my nose and mouth

My skincare regimen is also very much tailored to the relative cuteness of a product.

Continue reading