Bridal Shower & Hair and Makeup Test

As I’ve previously written, I am getting married this June. Apparently, part of the wedding process is having a bridal shower. My shower was held this past Saturday in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. My best friend organized the whole thing and it was wonderful. It also gave me a chance to get used to the essential part of weddings that I’ve been most dreading: being the center of attention.

I wouldn’t say that I’m shy. My job requires me to stand in front of teenagers daily, and lecture them about something that is totally irrelevant to their lives (history). I also wouldn’t have been uncomfortable if I was simply having dinner with the shower attendees, in a non-wedding context. There’s just something about being the guest of honor that makes me incredibly conscious. I know a lot of people feel weird while “Happy Birthday” is being sung to them, I tend to feel that way for the entire party.

Luckily, I was able to relax and have a good time. I was probably the most uncomfortable in one of the pictures included in this article, where I was forced to pose with a gift.

The Face

I had originally planned to have my wedding hair and makeup done by GLAMSQUAD, as I wrotewith blender about last week. However, when I did go to the NYMag wedding event I stopped by the booth for Beautini, a hair and makeup service exclusively for weddings. They were offering a promotion on a hair and makeup trial ($50 off) and advertised the fact that they had a trial space in the city. I did later find out that GLAMSQUAD also has a trial space for hair and makeup tests, and it really bugged me that it was never mentioned in my significant correspondence with them.

I decided to book a trial with Beautini, and to schedule it so that I wouldn’t have to worry about my hair and makeup for the shower. This worked out perfectly, as I was able to see how the hair and makeup wore for an entire day.

The trial was Saturday morning and, aside from some difficulty finding the location, went wonderfully. The two women I worked with listened to exactly what I wanted and made changes whenever I raised a concern (replacing the eyebrow color with something browner, for example). I was extremely happy with how I looked for the entire day.

Going forward, I’m thinking about these two issues:

  1. beautini trialMy makeup artist used Maybelline Great Lash Mascara on me, which I understand is a cult favorite. Unfortunately, on me, it migrated to my under eyes very quickly. I will probably end up bringing my tube of CoverGirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara with me to use on my wedding day.
  2. They didn’t have much by the way of lipstains, which was to be expected. They used a nice, pink, glossy lipstick on me as a placeholder. Before the wedding, I’m going to hunt down a shade of the Berrisom “Oops My Lip Tint Pack” that I like and figure out how to use it.

The Outfit

I had been stressing out about what to wear to the shower. I didn’t want to look too dressy, but Ibridal shower w mom also knew my mother would be aggressive with her camera. On Friday night, I worked on making the By Hand London Zeena Dress out of some great IKEA fabric, but I didn’t love how it turned out and will need to re-do the waistline and zipper. I went to sleep on Friday without an outfit planned.

I woke up early on Saturday and was struck with a bolt of inspiration. The bodice on the Zeena dress is absurdly easy (kimono sleeves and small box pleats on the waist). I simplified it even further by eliminating the waist pleats and had a pattern for my dream crop-top. I had a yard of Anna Maria Horner Honor Roll Fabric: Overachiever in Burgundy in my stash and it was the perfect amount for the bodice. Rather than making neck facings, I lined the top in an unbleached muslin.

Putting together the top of the shirt took less than one hour. I wanted to make sure that I could also wear this shirt to work, so I decided to add a ruffle peplum. I used the same unbleached muslin as the lining and also used this wonderful gathering hack from By Hand London to speed up the ruffling process. Honestly, the hardest part of making this shirt was figuring out how to finish the waist seam and attach the lining to the waist. I’m totally in love with this pattern and will definitely be finding other ways to adapt it.

The Showercake

The shower was held at Brooklyn Craft Company and we made terrariums. It was super adorable and I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking to plan a party. I’m going to use terrariums as decoration at the reception, so this was a good introduction into how to make them.

The food was also amazing. Catering was from Pies and Thighs (we had brisket sliders and deviled eggs) and my sister, who is an amazing food preparer. The cake was from one of my favorite bakeries, Baked, and was lemon-drop flavored.

Baked Lemon Drop Cake