Themed Skincare: Jasmine

Like any cool kid, I spent the last Friday night of my spring break curating a jasmine skincare themed routine. Jasmine is one of my favorite scents and I had seen a few reports calling it “Nature’s Valium.” Considering the mess my sleep schedule had been (spring break! Woo! Sleeping until 10am!), I thought this theme would be a nice way to ease myself into the impending 6am wake-ups.

The claim that jasmine serves as a natural sedative only seems to be found in a 2010 German study, where the subjects were frogs and mice. I really enjoy the snark of this NHS article debunking reports on the study. And yet, I still get 184,000 hits when I google the phrase “Jasmine Valium.”

In putting together this routine, I broke a major skincare rule: I added two new products at the same time. I hadn’t tried either of the jasmine products I used on Friday until that night. It worked out well for me, but it’s not something I want to make a habit of.

My nighttime skincare routine is usually pretty consistent– all rose, all the time. Since I don’t have as wide a variety of jasmine skincare products as I do rose ones, I swapped out products where I could. This is what I ended up doing:

  1. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Tissues
  2. Mizon Bulg Rose 90% Toner
  3. Nature Republic Rose Essence
  4. Mamonde Jasmine Oasis Water Sheet Mask
  5. Mizon Snail Eye Cream
  6. Nature Republic Bulgarian Rose Emulsion
  7. Mamonde Jasmine Honey Sleeping Pack

Overall, I was quite pleased with the jasmine skincare products in this routine. Unsurprisingly, both were from Mamonde.

(Seriously, Mamonde. You keep liking my instagrams. I keep buying your products. Let’s make this official)

The Jasmine Oasis Water mask was a bit of a unknown entity. There were no clear claims or promises on the packaging and I don’t really know what oasis water is (aside from water at an oasis?). The mask fit perfectly and was drenched in essence. Unfortunately, it did not smell like jasmine. It had an astringent-y smell, which was disappointing. However, the mask made my skin feel amazing. I had it on for about 20 minutes and afterwards, my skin felt cool and refreshed. The Nature Republic emulsion, which is normally kind of hard to rub in, went on smoothly. This mask is a definite re-buy.

If I was missing that singular jasmine smell in the sheet mask, I absolutely got it in the sleeping pack. Oh man, this mask smelled great. It had a similar texture to the Innisfree Wine Jelly sleeping pack, and really felt like it was sealing every previous step in.

My skin felt great all day Saturday. Even after 4+ hours of wandering around lower Manhattan, a sales associate at the Glossier pop-up said my skin was glowing. I think that is a pretty ringing endorsement!