RoseRoseShop Haul

Finally! My long national nightmare is over! Last Friday, I finally received my order from RoseRoseShop! It ultimately took 16 days for the package to travel to Jersey City from South Korea, 7 of those days at JFK airport.RoseRoseShop Haul

The prices at RoseRoseShop are definitely cheaper than the prices at other online Asian Beauty sites, and the shipping costs can be a bit of a beast (calculated by weight brackets, with Mizon products shipping for free). Most bloggers recommend doing some comparison shopping when using RoseRoseShop, to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Most of the stuff I ordered was from Mizon, so shipping was as exorbitant as I had expected and so it made sense to place my order through RoseRoseShop. Check out what I got after the jump!

RoseRoseShop Haul!

Note: Prices listed represent what I paid for these products. Prices may have changed since then.

#1: Mamonde Jasmine Honey Sleeping Pack ($10.35)

#2: Mamonde Rose Honey Sleeping Pack ($10.35)

RoseRoseShop HaulMy love of Mamonde is now well documented. I can also wax rhapsodic about roses and jasmine. And honey is nothing to turn my nose up at. Honestly, when I was fiddling with my shopping cart to get to a reasonable shipping price, I could have saved a lotby cutting these masks, but I refused!

Get the Jasmine Honey Sleeping Pack here.

RoseRoseShop HaulGet the Rose Honey Sleeping Pack here.

#3: Mizon 90% Bulg Rose Toner ($10.47)

RoseRoseShop HaulThis toner was immediately incorporated into my all-rose, all-the-time night time skincare routine. I’m a big fan of the packaging as well.

Get the 90% Bulg Rose Toner here.



#4: Mizon Natural Seed Bal Hyo Ampoule ($8.45)

RoseRoseShop HaulThis is my first ampoule! I tested it out on Sunday and my skin stayed bright and bouncy all day, even after a nap. The bottle came slightly less full than I had anticipated, but everything else about this is thumbs-up emoji.

Get the Natural Seed Bal Hyo Ampoule here.

#5: Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream ($4.14)

RoseRoseShop HaulThis one confuses me. I’m reasonably certain I ordered a tub of this cream. It came as a tube (which is fine by me, for hygiene reasons). When I was going back to RoseRoseShop to find a link to this product, I could find neither a tube version, or a version priced close to what I paid. Curious.

Get the Snail Repair Eye Cream here.

#6: Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence + Steam Cream Samples ($2.16)

#7: Skinfood Royal Honey Essential Kit Samples ($1.55)

RoseRoseShop HaulI haven’t had a chance to try either of these sample sets, but I’m glad I was able to get them. I’ve heard good things about these lines, but I didn’t want to sink a bunch of cash on full sizes without knowing if they worked for me.RoseRoseShop Haul

Get the Benton sample set here.

Get the Skinfood sample set here.

What recent purchases of yours are you excited about?