Beauty Roundup (3.21.16)

Check it out!

XOVain- The Super-Vibrant Products Coaxing Me out of a Taupe Makeup Rut

Yasssss! Bright makeup for all!

Daily Beauty Reporter- This Supereasy Half-Up Braided Hairstyle Is Perfect for Spring

Maybe one day, my hair will be long enough to make this work? One day…

Beauty and the Cat- Purr Mix-A-Lot: Semi-Homemade Skincare

Not only is Beauty and the Cat one of my favorite Instagram accounts, they have a great blog too. The beauty world needs more whimsy!

The Beauty Department- Amp Up Your Sheet Mask

A tutorial on how to boost the power of a sheet mask. I’m definitely going to try this tonight!

The Glitter Chic- #PapaRecipe Sparkling Bubble Toc #SheetMask #Review

I’ve been looking to try a bubble mask and this inspired me to take the leap.

XOVain- Platinum Blonde Breakage: These Products Are the Next Best Thing to Gluing Your Hair Back Together

Even though I’ve never bleached my hair, or even regularly used heat on it, it’s a breaking, shattered mess. I’ve lost hope, in a lot of ways, of ever getting strong hair again. Hopefully, something in this article will give me hope back?