Review: Mamonde Peach Blossom Shiny Hydrating Mask

I love Mamonde. I love it so much. I love that the whole line is based around flowers, which I love. I love the packaging. Cue a million heart-shaped emojis.

The only problem is that I hadn’t actually tried any Mamonde products until this mask. I’m a sucker for capitalism sometimes…

Anyway, I was getting ready for a job interview and was already using the Shea Moisture Intensive Repair Mask I talk so much about, so I decided to give the Peach Blossom Shiny Hydrating Mask a whirl.

shiny peach blossom sqThe first thing I noticed when I took the mask out of the pouch was the sharp fruit smell. At first it really reminded me of apples, but I eventually was able to detect the peach smell. Regardless, it smells great. Like summer. The essence for this mask is also creamier than what I’m used to. There was a bit of essence left in the mask pouch, but not enough to decant (cue sad-faced emoji).

The mask fit my face quite well, and the thickness of the essence helped it adhere. I did notice a bit of tingling around the edges of the mask, but that’s often the case for me.

I kept the mask on for as long as I could. As it dried, it didn’t start to dehydrate my skin like other masks. After removing it, I couldn’t see any immediate effects. However! I spent the rest of the day roaming New York City, which always leaves my skin grimy. My face was still smooth when I got home. For comparison, the skin just beneath my collar bone was gummy, clammy, and gross.

This mask is pretty good, although it isn’t as super-powered as other masks I use. I’ll most likely stock up on it the next time I’m at an Aritaum, but this probably doesn’t rise to Holy Grail status.


  • Really great moisture
  • Smells like summer
  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Great value for the price (between $1.50 and $2)


  • None?

Mamonde doesn’t seem to be as readily available at western retailers as other Korean brands. I can find these masks at RoseRoseShop for about $2 for 2 masks, Amazon has 5 for about $12, and Jolse has them for $5 for 2 masks (Note: Amazon and Jolse both offer free shipping, RoseRoseShop does not).

My suggestion for getting your hands on this mask is to find the nearest Aritaum/Amore Pacifica shop to you and buying it in person. There are 12 stores within 25 miles of my house, and the only one more than 20 miles away is about 5 minutes from my job.

Also, how fabulous is Mamonde’s Instagram account?

[instalink username=”mamondekorea” width=”350px” height=”350px” image_size=”small” bg_color=”#285989″]

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