Beauty Roundup (3.17.17)

There’s a lot going on today in the news!

Refinery29-The Most Baller Beauty Tips Found On Reddit

Band-aids on deep zits? Sign me up!

XOVain-Fine Hair? You’re Gonna Get Really Excited About These New Products

The Beauty Look Book-Color Correcting for Beginners

For those of us that are totally confused by color correcting

Soko Glam: The Klog-Eye Treatments That’ll Entertain While They Work

Beauty should be fun!

Into The Gloss-The Best Clarifying Shampoos

Fifty Shades of Snail-L’Herboflore Ginseng Anti-Aging Mask Review + Sheet Masking Tip

I hadn’t heard of L’Herboflore until yesterday, but now I’m seeing it everywhere.

Daily Beauty Reporter-I Tried These 3 Pinterest Cat-Eye Hacks and Here’s What Happened

Unsurprisingly, Pinterest hacks don’t always work.