Beauty Roundup (3.16.16)

Oh boy, I’m already falling a little behind on getting these out! Hopefully the fashion and beauty news will move slowly?

Refinery 29- Your Fave Brands & The Indie Ones You Might Love Even More 

Oh man, I’m so out of style, I barely recognized half the “fave” brands, not even starting on the indie ones! But yeah, it’s always good to get ahead of the trends.

XOVain- This Cheap-o Sheet Mask Saved My Skin After the Worst Cold Ever

My Beauty Diary is pretty rad, and this review tells us what we already know.

Daily Beauty Reporter- The One Oily-Skin Mistake You’re Probably Making, According to Dermatologists

Saved you a click, it’s not one mistake, it’s 5. Also, moisturize!

Into the Gloss- The Best Natural, Physical Exfoliants

While physical exfoliants have fallen out of favor in my routine, this is a good roundup of microbead free exfoliants.

Kate Loves Pretty- Review: Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream

This review definitely puts this cream on my shopping list!