Fool Me Twice: 4 Product Fails I Keep Going Back To

I’m usually very good at knowing exactly the kinds of products I like. I’m also really good at knowing what types of beauty processes I normally have the energy for. However, all that self-awareness goes completely out the window when I’m roaming the aisles at Ulta, Sephora, Target, or wherever else I plan on blowing my paycheck. Hopefully, by identifying the areas where I goof up, I can save myself in the future?

1: “Wraps Split Ends”

No. They don’t. Products for split ends almost never do what they say on the label. I don’t even know what “wrapping” a split end is. I’ve tried dozens of products that claim to reduce split ends and breakage, and at best, they reduce their appearance.

However: I did just try SheaMoisture’s Manuka Intensive Masque and it did seem to built up a protective layer around each strand. I’m going to keep my eye on this one.

2: “Long Lasting!”

Oh boy, I fall for this in lipstick and nail polish constantly! I just bought a polish and topcoat set from L’Oreal Paris that claimed 14 days. It peeled easily off within 20 hours. Long lasting lipsticks are equally disappointing. The best option I’ve found is to just accept the reality that nothing lasts.

3: Eyeliner Markers and Crayons

The only one I’ve found that works is Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner. Everything else either comes out grey (NYX markers) and can’t get a fine line (every pencil). I’m waiting for my birthday to get a new Tattoo Liner, and as a result am heavily relying on liquid eyeliner (H&M Dipliner does not budge)

4: Texturizing Hair Products

This is on me. I keep buying them, even though I know I don’t like my hair having a lot of texture. Unfortunately, the products I buy in this category work really well and give me a lot of texture. Which I hate.

These products aren’t beauty fails, I just failed in continuing to buy them. If texture is your thing, I can totally recommend these products.

What beauty buying fails do you keep making?